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Costs for Borrowing Vehicles through
the Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme

These are the maximum charges that apply. Some of our lenders may choose to charge less. The current rates for minibus hire through the Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme are:

GMS charges for minibus loans

Cost (£)

Running expenses (half day = up to 4 hours) 25.00
Running expenses (1-2 days) 40.00 (per day)
Running expenses (3+ days) 35.00 (per day)
Mileage rate per mile (including fuel) 0.80
Admin/Booking fee 10.00
Volunteer driver expenses (per day/half day) 20.00

Prices correct as at August 2011

Total cost= basic hire + mileage rate + admin

After the loan the lender organisation will invoice GMS for the basic hire and the mileage rate. GMS will then invoice the borrower organisation for basic hire, mileage, and the GMS admin charge.

Borrowers should not normally refuel vehicles as the cost of refuelling is built into the mileage rate. Should the length of your journey require you to refuel the vehicle please contact the lender. All charges should be paid by return upon invoicing.

All fees are paid to the lender in the first instance, (with or without VAT, depending upon the VAT status of the lender organisation). The lender then pays the GMS administration fee and any volunteer expenses to the GMS brokerage. GMS administration charges are included in the above.

A Section 19 Permit (small bus permit) is also needed; these cost £11 and must be displayed in the bus being driven.


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