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Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme FAQ

How much does it cost to join the Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme (GMS)?

Membership to GMS is renewed annually and is currently free.

How much does it cost to hire a minibus?

Less than the standard price for hiring a commercial minibus. Current minibus hire costs can be found here.

When hiring a minibus should I refuel the vehicle?

It depends on the length of your journey. Minibuses are usually supplied with a full tank of fuel. For shorter journeys where you do not need to refuel, you pay a higher mileage rate which includes the cost of fuel. For longer journeys you pay a reduced mileage rate which does not include fuel. Different lenders may have slightly different policies, but the price will not be higher than that listed on the costs page.

Who is eligible to join the Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme?

Membership to GMS is open to any not-for-profit community organisation such as schools, clubs, societies, sports teams, colleges, charitable groups etc. Organisations will also be asked to provide a copy their accounts and a copy of their constitution.

What type of minibuses do the Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme use?

GMS use modern fully-accessible minibuses. There are a variety of models available. All vehicles have fully comprehensive insurance cover, together with breakdown and recovery cover.

Who drives the minibus?

Usually someone from the organisation hiring the minibus will provide the driver. All drivers must have completed MiDAS training, and GMS provide free MiDAS training for one person from each organisation joining GMS. There may be a voluntary driver available to drive a minibus for your organisation, although such drivers are very limited.

Are minibuses available for passengers that require wheelchair access?

Yes. Please mention this as a requirement when booking the minibus. GMS require drivers of passengers that are wheelchair users to have completed the second half of MiDAS training: “Accessibility”.

Do I need a new Section 19 permit each time I borrow a minibus?

No. The same Section 19 permit can be used for subsequent minibus hiring.

For how long is the Section 19 permit valid?

Section 19 Permits are valid indefinitely.

What is MiDAS training?

MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) is a nationally accredited minibus driving standard. All GMS minibus drivers must have completed MiDAS training. The outcome of the training is to ensure that all drivers behave safely and responsibly when driving a minibus. There are two modules: a “standard” module which all drivers complete and an “accessibility” module for drivers of passengers with wheelchairs.

What about insurance?

Lender members of the scheme insure their own vehicles. In the case of an accident occurring while a borrower is using the lender's bus through GMS, the lender's insurer will pay the costs, minus excess.


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